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By adding a simple email input field to their Shopify store, a Confection customer was able to add 158 contacts to a retargeting audience. Without Confection, these contacts would have been entirely lost. Only 21 of 179 total contacts converted on their first visit so this represents a +752% increase in audience size.

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Enter Ghost

Using a simple input field and Confection, our customer was able to increase its audience size and retargeting opportunities. Without Confection, 88.27% of the total audience would have been overlooked. This is a severe potential loss of retargeting opportunities.

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"I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts."

Our customer strategically placed a simple email input field on its Shopify store:

<input type="email" id="email" name="email" placeholder="Enter Your Email to Get Started">

This field greets customers when they arrive at the store. It appears in the checkout process. It appears in the sidebar of the product page. It appears in a persistent ("sticky") header. Each site is different, but the goal is the same: make the field prominent and add it several places.

The input field isn’t connected to a form, as usually would be the case. It’s just a lone input field floating in the HTML ether. Since Confection captures form data asynchronously, any email a user enters automatically hits our customer's Confection account.

This store has an average customer value of just over $100. By retargeting its "ghost audience," this customer can generate $1,000s of dollars worth of revenue if only 10-20% complete their orders. This is a 3-6x ROI on their Confection spending.

Enter Ghost

Try It Yourself

Zapier doesn't allow the sharing of Zaps that contain their code action. As a workaround, the video should help you get up and running with both scenarios.

In the video, we're using Zapier to listen for new UUID rows in the customer's BigQuery table, isolate emails, and check this against Shopify customers. You could do the same thing with your CRM, if you like, or any number of different endpoints.

If we don't find the email in Shopify -- or if we find a customer but that customer has no transactions, which indicates a cart abandonment captured by Shopify -- we consider the email part of the abandoned transaction, "ghost audience." We then write it to an endpoint for future action. In this case, we're using Google Sheets, but you could use a custom ad audience, a CRM, or any number of different endpoints.

Here's the JS for the Zapier Code step:

let PARSED = JSON.parse(inputData.RAW);
output = [{PARSED}];

The one-hour delay step is meant to give customers time to complete their transactions after the email hits Confection/BigQuery.

Learn more about getting started with Confection on Zapier here. Learn more about writing data from Confection to BigQuery here.

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