Take Control of Paid Bot Traffic

As we outline here, Confection helps customers identify bots associated with paid campaign traffic. This feature is useful for identifying non-human paid campaign traffic, evaluating campaigns/vendors, improving the signal quality of reports, and cutting wasted spending.

In addition to passive reporting, customers can also use this feature to isolate IP addresses associated with paid bot traffic and exclude these IPs from paid campaigns. Our BigQuery integration and lowcode/nocode connectors make this easy.

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Hot with Bots

We know bots can account for 20-30% of a Confection customer's paid ad campaign traffic. That means wasting $0.20-0.30 of every $1 spent on paid ads. Recently, a different customer discovered almost 150,000 paid pageviews in a 31-day period were bots. Assuming a modest $0.50 CPC and a 1:1: click:pageview ratio, this represents more than $70,000 worth of digital adspend.

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"We need to take control over this."

The customer found that its agency was unable or unwilling to address this issue. It also found ad networks have no incentive to do so. The customer knew it needed to take control of its atomic level digital-marketing data and act independently.

Confection enables them to do just that.

By isolating IP addresses associated with paid bot traffic, the customer was able to exclude bot IPs from Google Ads, AdRoll, and other platforms that support such measures. Since ad vendors like Meta do not support this, the customer also used an IP-based Cloudflare access rule to restrict these IPs from ad landing pages.

Using Confection to source bot IPs is easy.

First, enable the feature in your account. You can find instructions in this blog post. Next, use our lowcode/nocode connectors at Zapier, Pipedream, Make, and Tray.io to identify page titles and/or URLs with #bot-* appended. Next, retrieve the full details from the event UUID and grab the IP address from the IP event endpoint. Lastly, write bot IPs to a Google sheet (or other endpoint) where they can be exported or copied and uploaded/pasted wherever you like.

Here's a sample Zapier reciepe that illustrates this process.

Looking for DIY? Use BigQuery.

You can also use our native BigQuery integration to generate lists of bot IPs on demand. After enabling the bot detection feature in your account and setting up your BigQuery connection using our quick-start guide, do the following:

  1. Load your relevant BigQuery project.
  2. Run a new query using the code below. Be sure to change the project details on line 25 so it aligns with your project settings.
  1. After you run the query, download the results and upload/paste wherever you like.

Be sure to save the query for future use. When you want to isolate new lists of relevant IPs, just re-run the query, and download the new list.

Today is your data independence day.

Take control of your atomic-level digital marketing data. Get 20-30x more attribution data and 30-40% more session intelligence in critical endpoints like CRMs, analytics tools, and ad campaigns.

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Confection collects, stores, and distributes data in a way that's unaffected by client-side disruptions involving cookies, cross-domain scripts, and device IDs. It's also compliant with global privacy laws so it’s good for people too.

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