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Learn more about the ways Confection helps businesses take control of their atomic-level digital marketing data.

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+30x More Session Intelligence

“We migrated from a self-hosted CMS to a lowcode website builder. Immediately, we saw a 76-96% decrease in our analytics data. Can Confection help?” Read More

"What am I missing?"

Our research suggests we may only see 11% of available events. That’s not a typo. And it means that, in some cases, we could be wasting $0.89 of every $1 we spend on our marketing tools. Read More

+233% More Audience Data

“We want to take control of the data we use in our Facebook ads, and we want to move beyond traditional cookie-based data gathering. Can Confection help?” Read More

Catherine Venediger
Head of Content @ Katana

“At Katana, we don’t settle. We are constantly pursuing bigger, better results for our clients, and it’s collaborators like Confection who gear our team to continue the pursuit of excellence. Thanks to our brilliant team and Confection’s incredible work, this collaboration has enabled epic results.”

Ihab El-Waly
Digital Marketing Manager @ Tradogram

“We used to rely on other services to ingest digital marketing data for us. Thanks to Confection, we’re more independent now. We own our primary inputs and can send information to any endpoint we wish.”

Mark Smith
Co-Founder @ Katana

“The value here is clear: With Confection, we can honor GDPR and privacy while also generating more usable data for our client campaigns. These other solutions make us choose between privacy and data generation. Confection gives us both.”

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