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“We migrated from a self-hosted CMS to a lowcode website builder and immediately saw a 76-96% decrease in our analytics data. I’m struggling to track conversions effectively. Can Confection help us?”

Learn how Tradogram uses Confection to generate +97% more acquisition data, track +36x more pageviews, and log +30x more goal completions.

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We met Ihab El-Waly, Tradogram’s Digital Marketing Manager, on Linkedin. In our first conversation, we told him, “A lot of the DMMs we chat with say they’re struggling with at least one of the following:”

  • data visibility and accurate reporting
  • digital ad effectiveness
  • and/or marketing tools communicating with one another

“Are any of those relatable?” we asked.

“Yes,” he said. “We just migrated from a self-hosted CMS to a lowcode website builder, and we saw a dramatic decrease in our analytics reports. Data visibility and accurate reporting are substantial challenges for us at the moment. Can Confection help?”

We scheduled an intro call for a few days later. On that call, we reviewed Tradogram’s analytics reports. In the month after the migration, Ihab and his team saw a 96% decrease in pageviews and a 76% decrease in completed goals.

“We thought this might be an implementation error,” Ihab told us. But a quick review of Tradogram’s website builder ruled this out. Ihab had installed Tradogram’s tracking code correctly, and we could see it firing in Chrome and other browsers.

“The browser developer console says you’re in good shape,” we told him. “This is not an implementation error. Let’s explore what’s really going on.”

“Welcome to Wonderland.”

We spent the rest of the call reviewing “privacy first” disruptions with Ihab. We used our demo to illustrate how browsers, apps, and plugins neutralize tens of thousands of cookies, pixels, scripts, tags, and trackers. This affects hundreds of digital marketing and advertising apps, services, and tools.

“At the moment,” we told him, “we expect analytics tools, CRMs, and ad networks to be, at most, 75-80% effective. As more and more browsers depreciate traditional marketing assets like third-party cookies and cross-domain scripts, we’re going to see performance drop even further.”

“In essence, we’re seeing digital marketing data disruptions like Tradogram’s more and more often. Because of their complex CDN and DNS architectures, we think cross-domain scripts are especially vulnerable on managed, lowcode website builders like Webflow, Wix, and Squarespace. That’s our working theory. And it helps explain why your results are so dramatic. However, to some extent or another, all sites using traditional digital marketing architectures are negatively impacted by the shift to privacy first.”

We explained to Ihab that Confection is a new kind of product: a data generator for the privacy-first world. It uses an innovative architecture to collect, store, and distribute digital marketing data, one that’s unaffected by client-side disruptions involving cookies, cross-domain scripts, and device IDs. Confection is also compliant with global privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD so it’s good for people too.

“And,” we said, “it integrates with the apps businesses and developers already use. There’s no need to switch systems. Digital marketing managers like you can just plug in, power up, and keep your marketing partnerships running strong.”

“By 2025,” we told Ihab, “we expect that at least 75% of web users will be untrackable and unreachable.”

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“See for yourself.”

At the end of our call, Ihab expressed an interest in our free pilot. We explained that it would take no more than 10-15 minutes to set up and that it would help Tradogram see exactly what, if anything, Confection could recover.

“With this information,” we told Ihab, “you and your team will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not it makes sense to continue the conversation with us.”

We started Tradogram’s pilot on July 5th, 2022. Ihab installed Confection using our server/PaaS/cloud service guide. We told Ihab about our lowcode/nocode connectors at Zapier, Pipedream, Integromat, and, but he decided to write test data to a dedicated Google Analytics property using our native integration instead.

When we met again a week later, we compared Tradogram’s native analytics property with the Confection-enabled Google Analytics property we set up for the pilot.

The results were unambiguous.

Without Confection, Tradogram’s analytics property logged 96-97% fewer pageviews and conversion events. Confection helps Ihab and his team track 36x more pageviews and 30x more goal completions.

We tend to discount the pageview as a vanity metric,” we told Ihab. “But, it turns out that when pageview events don’t fire, the downstream effects are catastrophic. We lose acquisition data. URL parameters are neutralized, and all associated on-site session intelligence – button clicks, time on page, page popularity, and so on – isn’t logged (at best) or becomes hopelessly distorted (at worst).”

“When pageviews don’t fire,” we continued, “signal becomes noise. Marketing pros think they’re making good decisions on the best possible intelligence. But they’re really making decisions based on faulty information or on no information at all.”

In this case, Tradogram’s Confection-enabled Google Analytics property was able to provide far better acquisition data than their native property. Without Confection, we saw 97% less channel information. With Confection, Tradogram has 32x more acquisition data to work with.

After reviewing the results of the pilot together, we asked Ihab and his team, "Would you like to add Confection to Tradogram's marketing stack and become a monthly recurring customer?"

"I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t do this," Majdi Sleimen said.


"Yes, for sure," Ihab added. "This is very valuable."

Digital Marketing Manager


Six weeks after he first installed Confection, we met with Ihab again. In this customer support call, we asked Ihab, “How is Confection helping you?”

“Well,” he said, “I now know that before Confection, we were missing quite a bit of information in our analytics reports. This impacted our ability to make good decisions about the effectiveness of our marketing channels. Which ones are driving conversions? Which ones aren’t?”

“Now, we can turn off poor performers and double down on high performing ones,” he added. “This helps us make far better decisions about how we spend Tradogram’s digital marketing budget.”

“In fact,” he added, after thinking for a moment. “Can we discuss ways to send attribution information to our CRM? It labels most of our leads as ‘Direct Traffic,’ meaning the CRM doesn’t know where leads are coming from. If we can improve CRM reporting the way we did our analytics property, it would be very helpful. I’d also like to start sending Confection data into our ad retargeting service. Can we discuss that as well?”

Excited about expanding the relationship, we told Ihab we could accomplish both of these with a native integration, which we’d build, or using one of our lowcode/nocode integrations at Zapier, Pipedream, Integromat, and We closed the call by telling Ihab we’d prepare a plan for supporting these two additional endpoints.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Do you feel like you’re in control of your digital marketing data in a way you weren’t before?” we asked.

“Yes,” Ihab replied. “We used to rely on other services to ingest data for us. Now, we’re more independent. We own our primary input and can send the digital marketing data we collect to any endpoint we wish.”

"We’re happy to be working with you."

“And we appreciate the ways Confection keeps immunizing our marketing stack us against more and more privacy-first disruptions."


Tradogram is a complete business spend management software solution that is designed and built using the latest cloud technologies. Our solution empowers buyers and purchasing decision-makers worldwide to control costs and automate procurement processes like Procure-to-Pay, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Management, Accounts Payable, and Spend Analysis.

Confection is a marketing enablement solution for businesses who want to take control of their atomic-level digital marketing data. Our app routinely delivers 20-30x more attribution data and 30-40% more session intelligence to critical endpoints like CRMs, analytics tools, and ad campaigns.

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