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You’ve probably heard about the end of third-party cookies in Chrome, Apple’s new ad consent features, and privacy laws such as CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD. These “privacy first” changes are very disruptive for sites like

At this moment, in fact, your relationship with HubSpot and other marketing partners is at least 20-25% less effective than you think. And this has been true since 2017.

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Take control of your atomic-level digital marketing data. Send better data to critical endpoints like CRMs, analytics tools, and ad campaigns.

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"How does privacy first impact"

Privacy-first browsers block over 100,000+ cookies, pixels, scripts, and trackers. This affects 1,000+ martech companies, many of whom are household names.

Blocked Cookies, Pixels, Scripts, and Trackers

In the video, we can see this in action. We’re browsing using a privacy-first browser called Brave. This browser blocks cookies and certain scripts and restricts persistent identifiers such as browser, user, and device IDs.

In JSI’s case, this means HubSpot form data is limited.

You’ll also see that Hotjar, ShareThis, and Swiftype can’t send data to your account. And when integrations like this can’t send data to your account, they can’t add much value to your marketing efforts. Whatever time and money you invest in them will be effectively wasted.

In fact, as you’ll see below, at this very moment, your marketing apps and partnerships are probably already 20-25% less effective than you think.

“What’s the impact of this?”

The following graph illustrates two things: (x) the year a browser stopped (or will stop) supporting third-party cookies by default and (y) the percent of web users affected by this change. (“By default” means a browser no longer supports third-party cookies “out of the box.” While a user could, theoretically, enable them manually, the vast majority won’t.)

As you can see, businesses haven’t been able to track or advertise to a steadily increasing number of web users since 2016. We saw a big jump in 2017, and by 2025, just about every web user will be untrackable and unreachable.

20-25% of web users block third-party cookies. By 2022, it'll be 75%.

While we often talk about privacy first in forward-looking terms, Safari and Firefox haven’t supported third-party cookies since 2017. This means the investments you make in your CRM, DSP, marketing automation tools, programmatic ads, &c. — they’re only, at most, 75-80% effective. 20-25% of your time and money are effectively wasted, and that’s true every hour of every day.

As alarming as this is, by 2025, the current state of affairs will look attractive by comparison. By then, only Microsoft browsers and Opera (may) support third-party cookies by default. With a collective usage share of < 7% today and < 3% in 2025, that'll leave 93-97% of web users unreached and untracked.

Safari and Firefox have a combined usage share of 20-25%. This means that right now, at this very moment, most of your marketing apps, partnerships, and integrations aren’t able to reach or track one out of every 4-5 web users.

And this has been true for three years.

When Google phases out support for third-party cookies in Chrome, your marketing apps, partnerships, and integrations won’t be able to reach or track three out of every four web users. By 2025, this will be true for virtually every web user.

Let’s Put Some Numbers to This

This state of affairs creates a staggering amount of waste.

Right now, at this very moment:

20-25% of interested leads and their data will never reach your CRM.

20-25% of events -- pageviews, clicks, downloads, &c. -- will never reach your analytics system.

20-25% of your digital ads will go unseen.

20-25% of your user IDs will be incorrectly separated or incorrectly mixed together.

If you spend $10,000/mo on a marketing app, partnership, or integration, you're wasting $2-2,500 each month.

That’s $24-30,000 per year.

By 2025, all these figures jump to 75%.

If you spend $10,000/mo on a marketing app, partnership, or integration, you’re suddenly wasting $7,500 each month. That’s $90,000 per year.

“What can we do about this?”

Take Control of Your Atomic-Level Digital Marketing Data

Confection is a marketing enablement solution for businesses who want to take control of their atomic-level digital marketing data. Get 20-30x more attribution data and 30-40% more session intelligence in critical endpoints like CRMs, analytics tools, and ad campaigns. See this in action. Risk free.

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Product Overview

Plug into Confection.

Think of Confection as an energy grid for a better web. Our product architecture can help JSI thrive in privacy-first browsing environments. It’s lightweight, flexible, frictionless, and compliant with international data privacy laws.

Cable & Substation

Confection’s core component. No cookies, third-party scripts, or front-end IDs. Collect data no matter what happens on the client side.

Live Dataflow
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Automatically replace broken forms. Capture data in real time from any local or third-party form.

Transmission API

Collect and structure first-party data without cookies, cross-domain scripts, or device IDs. Use your account API or our Zapier integration to send data to any number of different endpoints.

Metrics & Analytics

Get actionable, compliant insights into visits, events, and trends without device IDs, fingerprinting, cookies, or third-party scripts.

Customer Success

Learn more about the ways Confection helps businesses like JSI take control of their atomic-level digital marketing data.

"What is JSI missing?"

Our research suggests we may only see 11% of available events. That’s not a typo. And it means that, in some cases, we could be wasting $0.89 of every $1 we spend on our marketing tools. Read More

+30x More Session Intelligence

“We migrated from a self-hosted CMS to a lowcode website builder. Immediately, we saw a 76-96% decrease in our analytics data. Can Confection help?” Read More

+233% More Audience Data

“We want to take control of the data we use in our Facebook ads, and we want to move beyond traditional cookie-based data gathering. Can Confection help?” Read More

Catherine Venediger
Head of Content @ Katana

“At Katana, we don’t settle. We are constantly pursuing bigger, better results for our clients, and it’s collaborators like Confection who gear our team to continue the pursuit of excellence. Thanks to our brilliant team and Confection’s incredible work, this collaboration has enabled epic results.”

Ihab El-Waly
Digital Marketing Manager @ Tradogram

“We used to rely on other services to ingest digital marketing data for us. Thanks to Confection, we’re more independent now. We own our primary inputs and can send information to any endpoint we wish.”

Mark Smith
Co-Founder @ Katana

“The value here is clear: With Confection, we can honor GDPR and privacy while also generating more usable data for our client campaigns. These other solutions make us choose between privacy and data generation. Confection gives us both.”

JSI + Confection = Unstoppable

Ready to take action?

Fast and Reliable

Using Confection, JSI would experience < 500ms latency between user actions and API availability.

Without using cookies, third-party scripts, or a JS fallback, Confection’s user matching rate is identical to marquee web analytics services. And we use predictive technology and machine learning to identify individual users across browsers, devices, and sessions.

No need to worry about front-end UUIDs, device IDs, or fingerprinting.

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Compliant By Design

Confection is compliant with global data privacy laws such as CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD. We built the product that way from the ground up, and we constantly fine-tune it to ensure Confection stays compliant with new trends, rulings, policies, and regulations.

See Our Compliance Demo

Confection offers companies like JSI two choices:

1 Complete Zero/First-Party Data
We send all data to an endpoint you define and store no PII inside Confection.

2 Full Service
Offload total compliance — collection, storage, and distribution — to us. We manage PII data for you. Access it when you need it.

Request Privacy Overview

Seamless Integration

We built Confection to work with the site JSI already has and the apps it already uses. There’s no need to switch systems. Just plug in, power up, and keep HubSpot and Hotjar, ShareThis, and Swiftype running strong.

And good news: runs WordPress. (We checked.) This means you can use Confection.

Four steps and :05 — that’s all it takes. Use our quick-start guides to install Confection and start sending data anywhere.

Find Your Quick-Start Guide Now

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Insure against privacy-first browsing environments. Keep your relationship with HubSpot strong. Keep data from Hotjar, ShareThis, and Swiftype flowing in browsing environments that restrict cookies, scripts, and persistent IDs.

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