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We’ve modeled Confection’s pricing structure on traditional utilities like electricity and water. API calls are to Confection what the kWh is to your local power company.

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Low cost. Usage based. Affordable for everyone.

No complex licensing agreements, termination fees, or long-term contracts. Customers can get an additional 20% off by signing a two-year commitment and making quarterly payments.
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Your account’s first 1,000 API calls are on us. Get started for free.


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After that, your first 250,000 monthly API calls cost $0.02 each.


Resets Monthly

Calls 250,001 to 500,000 cost $0.01 each. Save 50% per call.


Resets Monthly

Calls 500,001+, cost just $0.0075 each. Save 62.5% per call.

“What counts as an API call?”

Each time a user pulls data into Confection or sends it out. We don’t charge customers per contact or to store data. We only bill on actions. It’s your data. Pay only when you do something with it.

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Insure your company against privacy-first. Keep your customer relationships and marketing partnerships strong, even in browsing environments that limit cookies, scripts, and persistent identifiers.

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