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Take control of your atomic-level digital marketing data. Gain data independence now.

We want to be the highest performing, lowest cost part of your marketing stack. And we want to be part of it forever. Our affordable, scalable pricing reflects that. If, however, after two weeks, you don’t think Confection is a 10x asset, email us at [email protected] We offer new users a 14-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. We’ll reverse all your charges.

Starter Plan

Affordable for small businesses, side hustles, personal sites, and blogs that get about 20k pageviews (or fewer) each month. Good for test driving Confection before making a larger commitment.

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Growth Plan
$20/mo + $0.003/additional pageview

Good for growing business that get about 20-300k pageviews per month. The Starter Plan covers your first 20k pageviews. Then, pay a fraction of a cent for every pageview above that.

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Enterprise Plan
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Get more than 300k pageviews per month? Generate large numbers of analytics actions, conversion events, or API activities? This plan is for large businesses, developers, and other high-volume customers.

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We offer enterprise customers making 1MM+ monthly requests generous discounts for prepayments and long-term commitments.

Reseller Plan
Good for Agencies and Apps

Add Confection to your stack. Solve material attribution and data reporting issues. Resell to clients and customers. Generate passive income for your business.

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Enrichment Add-On
Enhanced Intelligence Starting at $299/mo

Get geolocation information, and identify companies visiting your site. Enable ABM campaigns and sales teams. Improve targeting intel. Make sure your marketing efforts target the right people.

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Customer Success

Catherine Venediger
Head of Content @ Katana

“At Katana, we don’t settle. We are constantly pursuing bigger, better results for our clients, and it’s collaborators like Confection who gear our team to continue the pursuit of excellence. Thanks to our brilliant team and Confection’s incredible work, this collaboration has enabled epic results.”

Ihab El-Waly
Digital Marketing Manager @ Tradogram

“We used to rely on other services to ingest digital marketing data for us. Thanks to Confection, we’re more independent now. We own our primary inputs and can send information to any endpoint we wish.”

Mark Smith
Co-Founder @ Katana

“The value here is clear: With Confection, we can honor GDPR and privacy while also generating more usable data for our client campaigns. These other solutions make us choose between privacy and data generation. Confection gives us both.”

Confection in the News

"What Marketers Need to Know About Privacy-First"

“[T]hese privacy changes impact more than just browser-level data storage … To be cookie-free doesn’t mean that you’re immune from privacy-first disruption.”

"Creating a Data Generator for the Privacy-First World"

Confection cares “about collecting, storing, and distributing user data in a way that aligns with your personal preferences and complies with data protection laws like CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD.”

"Avoiding the Third-Party Cookie Graveyard"

“With third-party cookies on the way out, we discuss how to avoid the third-party graveyard.”

"Five Companies Solving Our World’s Most Complex Data Problems"

“In time, we believe these five brands will be at the forefront of the next generation’s data science and tech industries.”

"Planning for Privacy-First Marketing"

“In this episode, we touch on GDPR and CCPA, the ethics and philosophy of data privacy, and the direct impact of all of this on your marketing.”