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Start sending Confection data to Google Analytics with a few simple steps.

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Step One

If you haven’t already, create a Confection account. If you already have a Confection account, log in.

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Step Two

Click “My Account” (or “Set Up My Account” if you’re accessing your account for the first time). Enter your contact information, the domain(s) on which you want to use Confection, and select one of our two data storage options. Then, click “Save Changes.”

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Step Three

Click "Install Confection" (If you're accessing your account for the first time, this will be the default screen.) Select your preferred langauge, CMS, platform, or framework to download the relevant scripts.

At this point, use the relevant language, framework, CMS, or platform quick start guide to get Confection up and running on your site or app. Then, continue with step four.

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Step Four

We suggest you create a unique Google Analytics property for Confection. This will prevent duplicate data from entering your existing property and will allow you to compare Google Analytics native data with Confection data.

At the moment, Confection's Google Analytics integration is currently only available for Google Universal Analytics. (That's UA-********-** tags.) We'll have a Google Analytics 4 integration ready soon. If you'd like us to alert you when this is ready, submit your email here, open a chat using the button in the lower right corner, and/or leave a comment here.

To create a unique Google Analytics property for Confection, follow this list of instructions. (See "Create a property.") To differentiate it from your other properties, give this property a name like "Confection Enabled."

Make sure you copy the new property tracking ID. It will look like this: UA-12345678-90

Next, click "Integrations" in your Confection account. Then, click "New Integration," and select Google Analytics.

Enter your new, Confection-enabled property ID in the lower field (UA-12345678-90 in the image). Then, click "Create". On the next screen, click "Activate Integration", and your site or app will begin sending data to Google Analytics immediately.

You can manage your integrations by returning to the integrations screen. Just click "Integrations" in the admin menu. Then, click any integration in the list to pause or update it.

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