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With a few simple steps, start using Make to send Confection data to thousands of different endpoints.

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Get Started

Step One

If you haven’t already, create a Confection account. If you already have a Confection account, log in.

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Step Two

Click “My Account” (or “Set Up My Account” if you’re accessing your account for the first time). Enter your contact information, the domain(s) on which you want to use Confection, and select one of our two data storage options. Then, click “Save Changes.”

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Step Three

Click "API Keys" (or "Get My Keys" if you're accessing your account for the first time). Copy your account ID and API keys. You'll need them in the next step.

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Step Four

At this point, you'll want to make sure you've installed Confection on your site. If you haven't started writing data to your account, you won't see any test information when you set up your connection.

If you need to install Confection, click "Install Confection" inside your Confection account and/or see our quick-start guides.

After you've installed Confection, log in to your Make account. Create a new scenario or load an existing one. On the scenario editor, click the plus button, and search for "Confection." Pick the trigger or action you want to use.

If you haven't added your Confection connection yet, click "Add," and enter the account ID and private (secret) key from step 3.

Make Integromat Authentication

Once this is done, select your connection from the dropdown. Depending on the trigger or action you selected, enter the relevant information, and click "Ok."

Confection Triggers

The following triggers are available:

  • Watch Events
    Equivalent to Confection's leads/event/{event_name} API endpoint
  • Watch Fields
    Equivalent to Confection's leads/field/{field_name} API endpoint
  • Watch Leads
    Equivalent to Confection's leads Confection API endpoint

For more information about these endpoints, see the live API panel and the API documentation in your Confection account. All triggers return complete JSON data from every collection field.

Confection Actions

After creating an event trigger, you can also create an action. In any scenario, click the plus button to add another module to your Confection event action. Search for "Confection," and select one of the available actions.

Make Integromat Authentication 2

Either select your exiting Confection connection or configure a new one. Then, configure the action's properties with Confection's values and/or your own custom values.

Make Integromat Authentication 2

The following Confection action values are available:

  • Get UUID Details
    Equivalent to Confection's {UUID}/related API endpoint
  • Get Related UUIDs
    Equivalent to Confection's {UUID}/full API endpoint
  • Make an API Call
    This is a universal module to perform an arbitrary authorized call to the Confection API.

For more information about these endpoints, see the live API panel and the API documentation in your Confection account. All actions return data directly from the Confection API.

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