WordPress Quick-Start Guide

Start using Confection on your WordPress site with a few simple steps.

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Get Started

Step One

If you haven’t already, create a Confection account. If you already have a Confection account, log in.

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Step Two

Click “My Account” (or “Set Up My Account” if you’re accessing your account for the first time). Enter your contact information, the domain(s) on which you want to use Confection, and select one of our two data storage options. Then, click “Save Changes.”

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Step Three

Click "API Keys" (or "Get My Keys" if you're accessing your account for the first time). Copy your account ID.

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Step Four

Download and install the Confection WordPress plugin as you would any other. If you're unfamiliar with installing WordPress plugins, please read this guide from the Codex.

You’ll see a new top-level admin menu titled “Confection.” Click this to manage the plugin's settings. Enter the account ID you copied in step three.

Next, generate your write key from your account dashboard, and enter it in that field. Check "Install Sitewide," edit other options as they're relevant to you, and click “Save Changes.”

That's it. You're done.

Additional Information

"I'm not seeing data in my Confection account."

Note, some themes don't include the native WordPress footer function. Like many plugins, Confection's script files and functions are bound to the wp_footer hook. If Confection isn't writing data to your account after completing the previous steps, this is probably the issue.

Fixing this is relatively easy: just add this shortcode to some universal element: [confection-plugin-scripts]

For example, you could add it to a text widget (Appearance > Widgets) and drag it into your sidebar, header, or footer widget area. Some themes also include "Add Header Code" or "Add Footer Code" widgets. If yours includes such a feature, just use one that outputs code after the opening <head> tag.

Confused? Still having issues? Email us at [email protected]

WooCommerce Support

If you're using WooCommerce, it's easy to send purchase data and account-level engagement events to your Confection account.

If you want to track account login events in your Confection account and associate them with UUIDs, click the "Yes" box beside, "Enable Community Integration."

Confection's native purchase event makes it easy to write order data to Google Analytics, Matomo, the Google Ads API, and the Meta Conversions API. To write purchase event data from WooCommerce to Confection -- and associate those events with UUIDs -- click the "Yes" box beside "Enable WooCommerce Integration."

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Step Five: Send Confection Data Anywhere

After installing Confection, start sending data to any number of different endpoints.

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