"I want to see a list of email addresses and their first-touch source data."

When enabled, Confection's BigQuery integration creates a dataset with two columns: UUID and data. The data column includes JSON-formatted data associated with a UUID's site activity. To connect BigQuery to your Confection account, see this quick-start guide.

The following query generates a list of email addresses and their first-touch source data. To learn more about the way Confection structures first- and subsequent-touch referrer and campaign data, see this documentation.

Sample output follows:

Email First_Referrer First_UTM_Campaign First_UTM_Content First_UTM_ID First_UTM_Medium First_UTM_Source First_UTM_Term
[email protected] example.com campaignXYX adContent paid_123 PPC Google keywordABC

"Why do I see direct referrer values and campaign information?"

referrer information and UTM-style campaign data run in parallel lines. referrer is a server-side value, and UTM-style campaign values are URL-parameter-based, front-end values.

Browsers that use privacy settings or extensions generally hide referrer information. Links with rel="noreferrer" attributes will also omit referrer information. As such, when you see a direct referrer value and campaign information, treat the campaign information as authoritative.

We considered overwriting referrer data when campaign source information is available. However, there are ethical and practical arguments to be made for preserving the actual referrer information. Confection's mission involves presenting information as accurately as possible. A customer may want to calculate the number of privacy-focused users visiting his/her site. A customer might also want to audit a particular campaign.

For these and other mission-focused, usage-based reasons, we present referrer values exactly as we detect them.

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