Customers call it the "Confection effect."

A recent customer was certain their company was experiencing data loss. Four steps and :10 — that’s all it took to see how much data Confection could help them recover.

In this customer’s case, the “Confection effect” was unambiguous. Before they installed Confection, their site was writing 713 pageviews per day. With Confection, they’re now writing 1,035 per day. That’s a 45% increase. And it means that, before using Confection, they were missing 55% of their data. (We’ve documented losses as high as 89%.)

We’ve since expanded this relationship. As a result, this customer is seeing hundreds of clicks, pageviews, engagements, and other events they didn’t see before (and making far better marketing decisions as a result).

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Step One: Install Confection

Use one of our quick-start guides to install Confection on your site or application.

No matter which guide you choose, be sure to enable analytics. Otherwise, Confection won’t be able to write basic events like pageviews, and you’ll see an empty report in step four.

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Step Two: Prep Google Analytics

Use step four of our Google Analytics quick-start guide to write Confection data to Google Analytics.

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Step Three: Wait 24 Hours

High traffic sites will probably start seeing the effect immediately. However, we suggest waiting at least 24 hours before comparing results. This will give both Google Analytics and Confection a chance to compile all your analytics data.

We know how hard it can be to be patient. Here’s some music to inspire you (and eat up the first four minutes). It’s up to you how you spend the other 1,436.

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Step Four: Review the Results

The time has come! Use the Google Analytics pageview report to get a sense of how much data Confection has helped you recover. The video shows you how to toggle between the two reports.

Impressed? Let’s hop on a call to discuss your next steps.

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