Third-Party Cookie Graveyard

Dearly beloved, welcome to Confection’s third-party cookie graveyard. We gather here to honor the memory of tens of thousands of cookies, pixels, scripts, trackers, and tags rendered obsolete by privacy-first browsing.

Going forward, these kinds of resources are going to need help adding value to your business’ marketing efforts. Since 2017, they’ve been at least 20-25% less effective than you think.

Curious about which cookies, pixels, scripts, tags, and trackers are impacted by privacy first? Find all 99,983 — and the 1,078 companies that survive them — below.

Find a Company, Cookie, Pixel, Script, Tracker, or Tag

We've buried 99,983 cookies, pixels, scripts, tags & trackers.

Periodically, we add new cookies, pixels, scripts, tags, and trackers to our database. Would you like us to send you an email that includes our new discoveries?

Use this information to plan for privacy-first disruptions impacting your apps and marketing partners.

Blocked Cookies, Pixels, Scripts, and Trackers

Confection can help keep your apps and marketing partnerships running strong, even in browsers that restrict cookies, scripts, and persistent IDs. There’s no need to switch systems.

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